Five Elements of Good Web Design That Users Actually Appreciate

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There are countless websites existing on the Internet nowadays. Are they all the same in terms of quality? No. Perhaps you’re a startup entrepreneur looking for a good website to use as a model for your own. Certainly, you’ll need a professional for this, but you still need to know what makes good web design, especially from a user’s point of view.

Here are five attributes your web design should have:

  1. Clean

Clean Redding SEO web design is one that is defined by invisible yet clear lines between the various elements that compose each page. This is actually very simple. For example, if you’re using a header, it must be distinct from everything else that follows down your site. If you have a sidebar, it should be clear that it is a side bar and not part of the content which is supposed to be in the middle of the page. All of this may sound obvious, but some people do think a clean interface doesn’t count. Of course it does because it helps make the website experience smoother.

  1. Design-appropriate

Design-appropriateness means your design should match the nature of your business. This is yet another simple but often neglected aspect of good web design. If you sell kids’ party treats like balloons, banners, etc., take advantage of the opportunity to use all those bright colors and fun fonts. After all, your market is kids. Avoid muted colors which are more appropriate for banks, airlines and other more formal establishments.

  1. Clear fonts

Redding Video Marketing with clear fonts are important because they serve as instruments for delivering information to your readers. The most widely used font sizes are between 10 and 12, but websites which are designed for kids can come in 14 or even 16 (helps with contextual reading). More formal establishments (as mentioned above) should stick to black as font color because it is the universally accepted color used for all kinds of business documentation. Of course, the font must be Times New Roman or Arial, but again, more casual sites can use more fun fonts like Jokerman or Comic Sans.

  1. Simple

Whatever the establishment being represented, simple web design is always the best. Avoid fancy Flash animations and all that because they only distract people from what they’ve actually come to your website for. Don’t make it hard for them to get the information they want. Your web design must be straightforward and should not waste people’s time.

  1. Easy to Navigate

Finally, good web design allows for easy navigation. People should not need a degree in web programming to know where to go when they’re looking for specific information. The design should be intuitive, meaning a user can go by intuition when getting to what he’s looking for. Don’t complicate your interface because it only makes people want to leave your site and look for another one.


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